Buschallee 88

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Location Buschallee, Berlin – Pankow
Use Retail & Residential
Planning IGP Ingenieur AG
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Project description Buschallee 88

The property at Buschallee 88 is a single-storey retail property located in the middle of Bruno Taut’s historic housing estate. Commissioned by Gehag (Gemeinnützige Heimstätten-, Spar- und Bau-Gesellschaft), the four-storey rows of houses along Buschallee were built between 1928 and 1930 according to the plans of the Bauhaus architect.

Today, the Weissensee district is one of the most popular residential areas in Berlin and the population of the Pankow district will continue to grow steadily in the coming years. After the demolition of the existing building, an apartment building with retail use on the ground floor will be realised at this location. The height and the cubature of the building take up the historical context of the surrounding area and adapt to its shape.